Total Wealth Management

Total Wealth Management

Personalized Investment Strategies


Whether you’re facing retirement or looking to better understand certain investment ideas, Nick Toadvine, CFP®, President of Guardian Wealth Management, has the experience and the knowledge to help you achieve overall financial success in your life.

As a fully independent financial company, Guardian Wealth Management is not restricted to any investment product or service, and works exclusively for the benefit of its clients. “As an independent company, we can work with any type of investment,” explained Nick, “but we don’t have anything to sell you other than our service. We charge a fee for our service, not a commission; so we are free to use whichever investment vehicle or strategy is best for each client.”

At Guardian Wealth Management, all money received and earned comes from consulting fees, without exception. There are no hidden fees. “All our fees are disclosed,” said Nick, “and our process is fully transparent.”

“I started Guardian Wealth Management basically so I can do things the way I think people want them to be done,” said Nick. “We talk to our clients and listen – really listen – to them. Then we can make the right choices for each individual client. We visit with all our clients quarterly to review their accounts and catch up. We do a better job so our clients will have a better experience.”

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Charles Schwab and Fidelity serve as third-party custodians for funds. The clients’ money is in a separate account, not co-mingled, and they can log in on a website at any time to see what’s happening. Clients receive their statements directly from the custodian.

“We use the same custodians that the larger brokerage houses use,” stated Nick. “We offer the same products. With today’s technology, independents have the same tools at our fingertips that the best money managers on Wall Street have.”

Prior to opening the doors at Guardian Wealth Management, Nick spent 17 years helping individuals and institutions to grow and protect their wealth. He is known among his clients and peers for his personal service, innovative ideas and practical advice. Through his “total wealth management” approach, Nick focuses on helping his clients achieve peace of mind. He works with private clients in the areas of investment management, retirement income, risk management, estate planning, business planning and tax reduction strategies.

Nick was born in Columbus, Ohio, but moved to Florida at an early age. He earned a B.S. in Business from Florida Southern College. Nick was also the host of Your Money Counts, a weekly financial talk radio show that aired on Saturday mornings in the Polk County area. He lives in Lakeland with his wife, Tram, and their three dogs, Lucy, Roscoe and Bear.

“I tell our clients, ‘We work for you. We don’t work for anyone else. We’re in business because of you.’ Without you, there is no Guardian Wealth Management. Anything you need related to your account or money, or if you have questions, you call us; because, basically, we’re at your service.”

Learn more about Guardian Wealth Management at or call Nick at 863-904-4760.

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