Focus on Customers Earns Red Hoagland No. 1 Slot


The Hoaglands have been in the automotive business for more than 66 years and have sold nearly 650,000 vehicles. They have accomplished that with good people, good products, excellent service and fair pricing.

George “Red” Hoagland Sr. started selling cars at Hoehn Chevrolet in Memphis in 1947, bought into the business, and stayed there for 22 years. “My mom would drop me off there on Saturdays when I was young,” said George Hoagland Jr. “I talked with the salesmen, watched them work, and fell in love with the business. Once it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood.”

Red Hoagland Family

“While in junior high school, George got his first job at Hoehn Chevrolet. “My dad saw I was interested in the business, and he bought Red Hoagland Chevy in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1970. We were there for nine years. He taught me the business, then he moved to Florida. I soon moved down here, too; started selling cars. We bought Hoagland Oldsmobile as co-dealers, then later Hoagland Olds-GMC- Pontiac in Bradenton, and we’ve been here as partners ever since.”

In 2006, George’s son, Justin, joined the Hoagland family team at Red Hoagland Hyundai in Winter Haven.

Justin and his sister, Ashley, both toured as professional golfers for several years. “Ashley was on the LPGA & Justin on the Hooters and Nationwide tours for five years before joining the dealership,” explained George. “Justin is very conscientious and perceptive, so he’s learned the business quickly. Justin worked in ‘service’ growing up and after pro golf, sold cars for a year. He was instrumental in opening Red Hoagland Hyundai.”

Red and George were excited to get the opportunity to open a Hyundai dealership in Winter Haven. “We were competing with 75+ dealers for the new ‘open point’ in Winter Haven,” stated George. “Hyundai selected us as the dealer in late ‘06; we bought property, and opened the doors in December, 2007. Setting up a dealership from a grass field is quite intense.”

Red Hoagland Group2

“We love Winter Haven. We chose it first, then selected Hyundai after lots of research,” said George. “Hyundais are extremely well-made cars and warranty repairs are minimal. Many dealers live off service, but that’s not the case with Hyundai. It’s a high quality car, with 80% being built here in the U.S., and Hyundai is contemplating building more plants in the U.S. Hyundai’s pricing is well below competitive makes. And the fact we own everything outright, including our properties and vehicle inventories, means both our overhead and selling costs are very low; consequently, our aggressive pricing has made us one of the fastest growing dealers in the Southeast U.S.”

“The quality of the product and the warranty made choosing Hyundai an easy decision. With a 100,000-mile drive train warranty, and a 5-year, 60,000-mile, bumper-to-bumper warranty, ‘out-of-pocket’ expense is pretty much just gas and normal maintenance … about everything else is under warranty.”

The Hoaglands know they have an exceptional product, so they can focus on their customers. In 2012, Red Hoagland Hyundai was No. 1 in the southeastern United States for customer satisfaction and No. 7 in the United States.

“This award speaks well of our people,” said George. “Yes, we have a great product; but whatever you buy, whether it’s a washing machine or a car, is really no better than the people you buy it from. We don’t ‘sell’ people cars. We help folks through the buying process, answering questions and working with them to ensure they make an informed decision … one they’ll be happy with. It’s the way we’ve done business since 1947, and it pays off in return and referral business.”

“Customers are the lifeblood of any business. We treasure those we already have, and work really hard to keep them happy with the decision they made when they selected us as their dealer. That’s really what a ‘Red Hoagland Deal’ is all about, earning and keeping our customers’ trust.”

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