One Quality Batch at a Time

One Quality Batch at a Time



In the early part of the 20th century, T.W. Davidson grew oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines near Dundee. A generation later, his son, Glen, would plant his own groves nearby and have a hand in developing a citrus candy that to this day is symbolic as a taste of Florida. Davidson of Dundee has been a fixture in Polk County since the 1960s and continues to bring the sweet flavors of citrus to locals and visitors.


A stop at the store on US 27 makes for a time of delicious indecisiveness; chocolates, jellies and coconut patties are just a small sampling of the available goodies. Samples are available for many of the citrus candies and marmalades, which are cooked slow in copper kettles and are made right at the factory.

For those who are traveling or just want to send a taste of Florida home, Dundee Groves is located in the heart of Central Florida, where some of the best citrus in the world is grown. Fresh citrus that arrives within days of being picked off the tree is a special treat that few people get to experience. The company takes pride in assuring customers that every piece of Florida citrus shipped has been hand-selected, hand-packed and delivered ripe and ready to eat.Free tours are available throughout the day for those who would enjoy seeing how their signature citrus candies are made. One can also view the process of making their marmalades all the way through to the bottling and labeling. With flavors like orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, orangecherry, orange-pineapple, orange-pineapple-cherry, and orange-strawberry, it’s a challenge not to get an assortment to take home and share.


In addition to citrus and candies, Davidson of Dundee offers a host of other products and souvenirs from tee shirts to trinkets, many of which are unique to the area. So, if you are in the area for a visit and need some goodies, or a resident who just savors all things citrus, Davidson of Dundee is a must-see for your dose of vitamin C.

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