Inspiring Health with RESULTS

Inspiring Health with RESULTS


Let’s admit it. Getting on the road to fitness and good health often isn’t the hardest part; staying there and maintaining a positive plan to reach your goal usually is the biggest challenge. At Habitat Health & Fitness in Winter Haven, Brandon Roggow, Body Transformation Expert, and his dedicated team have found a way to help people in their endeavor to lose weight and get healthy through their popular 6 Week Body Transformation Program. What’s really special about this though is that Brandon goes even a step further to helping you get started on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Recently, Brandon was inspired by a story he heard about a man named Cyrus McCormick, who in 1831 invented the world’s first mechanical reaper. “It was a huge advancement in agriculture, and it saved farmers hours of back-breaking labor at harvest time,” Brandon shared. “It was this advancement in mechanized farming that freed up millions of laborers to work in factories and fueled the industrial age of the 1850s. The biggest challenge was the farmers were worried the reaper wouldn’t work for them. Cyrus knew this, (and) arranged to let farmers use the reaper on the harvest now, instead of having to pay for it before proving it worked, and pay for it AFTER they had proved it worked. Those words have been ringing in my head since I read them.”

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Brandon has taken this theory and applied it to his business; when you sign up for the program, you don’t have to pay until after you lose the first 7 pounds. The average weight loss range has been 14 – 23 pounds in just 6 weeks. “As you have probably heard, we are the only program who’s all about results, said Brandon. “We are so obsessed with the idea of transforming bodies; we actually started guaranteeing our results a couple years ago.” In addition to gaining great results and paying after you have seen the transformation begin, the winner of the next challenge will win $1,000 in cash!

One of the best ways to learn about the details of this successful program is through the firsthand experience of a couple of the people that have been a part of the program, and many have found so much success and learned such a great deal that they have signed up for the challenge again and again. Janice McCann, the 2nd place winner in Habitat’s most recent contest, is one such participant. “This wasn’t my first challenge,” Janice shared. “I did well on the first one, but ultimately didn’t stick to it. But I decided that I wanted to lose more weight before my next birthday, so I signed up again. I already knew what to expect; and asked more questions this time. It’s made a tremendous difference understanding how the diet works with the workout program to help you be successful. I lost over 28 pounds, a total of 16 inches and about 5.3% of body fat in the 6 weeks. You work at your own pace, but you have to commit to yourself.”

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Becky Corbett, the most recent winner of the Body Transformation Challenge, naturally has her own perspective of how the team at Habitat has helped her on her path to better health. “I trained with a group of others who were encountering many of the same challenges I was: being overweight, not eating as healthy as we should, and lack of motivation,” said Becky. “By working within a group, I felt accountable to them, and myself. For me, I needed the responsibility of the program to be owned by someone else so I could focus on what I had to do to get healthy. Brandon is a great trainer; I was able to see the science behind the program and that help me a great deal in making it work for me. I lost 29 pounds and 4 dress sizes in 6 weeks.” Becky acknowledges that the rewards came after much hard work, but that both the $1,000 and losing the weight were great incentives. “The transformation was my greatest prize; I’m so glad that I got back on track.”

Sometimes, it takes a fresh idea to inspire others to achieve their goals. With support from Habitat Health & Fitness, the path to meeting goals of healthy living just got a lot less complicated and a lot more attainable.

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