Holiday Wrappings

Holiday Wrappings

With all the work that goes into trimming the holiday tree and decorating the house, it’s only fitting that the gifts under the tree share in the holiday glitz.


Perfectly wrapped packages don’t have to come from expert department store wrappers either! The following tips can help transform your gifts into presents that are almost too pretty to open.


If you love vintage decorating styles, consider using vintage wrapping paper to wrap your holiday gifts. Online auction sites offer a plethora of vintage papers.

Vintage Christmas wrapping paper from the 1950s is a great way to package holiday gifts. Reproduction wrapping paper, from the Victorian period for example, is also available in stores. Using an older wrapping style will make your gifts stand out and show the extra effort you put into your gift-giving.


You can also opt for simple brown paper to wrap your presents. Brown paper makes a great canvas. Try stamping images of reindeer or evergreen trees throughout.

You might also decorate the brown packages with paper snowflakes or glued-on gold and silver buttons. Brown paper is typically much cheaper than thematic wrapping paper, so if you have a lot of gifts, it might be a practical route to consider.


You can also wrap your presents without using any paper. A trip to the fabric store will reveal a wide array of alternate considerations for decorating your presents.

Consider buying several yards of red and green tulle. If you amass your materials during sales, you might wind up spending the same amount as you would on regular wrapping paper. Wrapping your presents with ribbon-tied tulle or organza is an elegant way to greet Christmas morning.

The fabric store is also filled with holiday material that can be transformed into functional items. Make a holiday tablecloth and use it to wrap up a special present. In this way your wrapping actually doubles as an added gift.

Make someone an elegant silver cape and use it to wrap a gift as well. Additionally, fabric stores will offer a wide array of ribbons and other beautiful baubles like beads and sequins that can be used to create enchanting Christmas wrappings. Silk flowers can be woven to make fantastic bows.


Finally, you can find vintage Christmas postcards that make superb gift tags. These symbols of a bygone age will remind your gift recipients that they are special – so special that you went out of your way to take care with these memorable wrappings.

Remember to think outside the box when you wrap up those piles of presents this holiday season. Your gifts can be transformed with simple and effective artistry using these alternative wrapping suggestions.

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