Writer, Actress, Producer …. Loving Life and Giving Back

Written by Tammy Serebrin

   Thirty year old Lauren Anne Miller, a 1999 graduate of Harrison Arts Center, Polk County’s visual and performing arts high school grew up in Lakeland, Florida.

When she was nine years old, she moved to Lakeland from Long Island, New York, with her parents, Scott and Adele, and her brother, Dan. She attended elementary and middle school here prior to Harrison. A cheerleader with Lakeland Senior High School whose team participated in the national cheerleading championship in New York during her senior year, she was also an active member of Temple Emanuel Synagogue’s Youth Group.

Following high school, she earned an Associate’s degree from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.   “I wanted to stay in New York to pursue acting” she said, “but my dad urged me to get a four year degree.  Reading about the film school at Florida State University, he suggested I go there.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in 2003.”  Two weeks later, she moved to Los Angeles to seek her fortune. She certainly is finding it.

She landed a job with the movie production company, ImageMovers, and after leaving [there], sold two pitches to Fox Atomic which she then wrote for them. She also took acting classes and auditioned.

Four years ago, Lauren wrote a screenplay with her FSU roommate, Katie Anne Naylon, who ran a profitable phone sex line out of her dorm room the year before they became roommates.  The result is the movie, “For A Good Time Call…,” starring Lauren and Ari Graynor as two women who bond as they set forth on a lucrative phone sex business.  The movie was accepted and met with great success at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  Initially having difficulty getting the film made, Lauren’s brother, Dan, (a graduate of George Jenkins High School, University of Miami and working in finance in Connecticut) came on board as an executive producer, believing in the concept so much that he funded a significant portion himself.  Dan and Lauren formed their own production company, AdScott Pictures, named for their parents Adele and Scott.

Focus Features purchased the distribution rights and the movie was released in theatres at the end of August, came out on television on “On Demand” in November and will be out on DVD in January 2013.   As far as the profitability of the movie – “We earned back more than our budget; but the big win is for all of us who made the movie and our careers.  I have no words….doors have opened.”  She participated in television auditions during pilot week and garnered two appearances on the television show, “Ben and Kate.”  She also had small parts in two independent movies this summer.  “Katie (Naylor) and I are writing two things together and I am writing two on my own.”

Lauren’s ties to Lakeland are important to her.  Four of the attendants in her wedding were childhood friends and she was here in November for a baby shower for one of them.    Her parents just recently moved from Lakeland to Los Angeles to be closer to her.

In 2004, Will Reiser (screen writer of the 2011 movie, ‘50/50’  and upon whom the film is based) introduced her to Seth Rogen, a prolific actor, writer and voice artist well known for his many films including‘Forty Year Old Virgin’, ‘Knocked Up’,  ‘The GreenHornet’ and ‘50/50’.  “We met the week after he finished filming ‘Forty Year Old Virgin’.  Will (Reiser) was dating my friend and the three of us were getting ready to go to a party when they told me Seth was coming with us and ‘we want you to like him’.”  Lauren admits to being super shy but says he was “so cute, funny and easy to talk to.  We went on our first date a week later and got in a horrible car accident.  We were both OK, but it was intense.”   After knowing each other for seven years, the pair married on October 2, 2011 in Sonoma wine country in California.  Both Jewish, they had a traditional Jewish wedding. “We celebrated our first anniversary by recreating our first date; mini golf and then went to The 101 Café to have the desserts we never got to have because of the car accident.”

Lauren and Seth have been involved for several years with the Alzheimer’s Association, a charity that is near and dear to them.  Two of Lauren’s grandparents suffered from the disease and six years ago, in her mid-fifties, Lauren’s mother was diagnosed. In January, they organized and hosted their own event – Hilarity for Charity – at which they raised $300,000.  “We are really excited about it; it is amazing. We are doing it again April 25, 2013.   The goal is to get young people involved by doing college outreach to fraternities and sororities to throw their own events such as beauty contests and date auctions.  The truth is, we have to worry about doing something about it now (when we are young) because by 2050; 160,000,000 people will have Alzheimer’s.”

Lauren is very down to earth and appreciates her life.    In a previous interview with her, she stated to me, “I can’t imagine what the next 30 years of my life are going to be like, considering the first 30.”

Lauren Miller and Ami Graynor

Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller

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