Goodbye, and hello.

Goodbye, and hello.

A good column always carries a message, and that’s what I’m bringing you today – a message that centers around a farewell, followed by a welcome.

And a good business constantly evaluates its portfolio of products, whether a shoe-repair shop, an investment company or a media organization like the Ledger Media Group.

With the arrival of a new publisher in March, we are undergoing that process now, evaluating everything we’ve been doing, whether for months or years. And that’s why I’m writing this column this month.

After a long and very successful run, Inside Polk is saying so long. Our Advertising Department has done a stellar job over the past five years producing what turned into a monthly magazine, introducing you to such folks as David and Jean Bunch, gracious hosts for an American Cancer Society fundraiser, and Melissa and Adam Putnam, the family man who serves as Florida’s commissioner of agriculture. They’ve also told you about women who hunt, healthy living and backyard entertaining.

That’s the farewell, a fond one.

But don’t fret – the Ledger Media Group is not retreating from a community magazine. Instead, it’s time for “hello” as the Newsroom begins publishing a new magazine, Polk Life, in July.

You’ll find the new magazine on heavier paper with a high-quality glossy cover. Inside, you’ll come to love staples, such as profiles of those who live among us, food, fashion, Polk’s Treasures and more, as well as timely stories focusing on holidays, anniversaries and the like.

And you’ll still be able to keep up with your favorite friends through the very popular Party Pages and review upcoming events in The List – a calendar of events. And you’ll be able to reach me to send me story ideas and comments. In fact, you can start doing that now – just drop me a line at As editor of The Ledger, News Chief and now Polk Life, I can assure you that you won’t want to miss any edition of the new magazine.





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