Frequent Flyer Takes Off to Exotic Destinations

Frequent Flyer Takes Off to Exotic Destinations


Sellmeyer 6The moniker, “frequent flier,” doesn’t even begin to describe Chase Sellmeyer. His countless jaunts have taken him to 63 countries plus all 50 states. Suffice it to say, whether traveling for professional or personal reasons, the Lakeland resident has a serious case of wanderlust.

As the son of a now-retired commercial airline pilot, Sellmeyer, 29, spent much of his youth jetting off to exotic locations of which most of us have only heard.
“My mom and dad wanted us to see the world,” Sellmeyer said. “So, my sister, Barbie, and I would pick out places to go on the map.” However, flying on standby, the family of four would sometimes end up somewhere else because of seat availability.

Having visited so many places, choosing a favorite seems like it would be difficult – but not for Sellmeyer. Without hesitation, it’s a tropical spot located pretty much on the opposite side of the world. Phuket, Thailand, the country’s largest island, earns the recognition of being Sellmeyer’s top spot.

“The people there are super friendly and the entire country is beautiful; especially the outlying islands and long peninsula towards Phuket. There are a ton of hidden beaches and small towns to explore,” he said. “Thai culture is truly fascinating. If you take some time to experience their culture and way of life, you will never travel the same again.”

Vietnam-boatRight around the proverbial corner from Thailand is Hong Kong, another of his preferred destinations. “I loved Hong Kong for how clean and modern it was … it made New York City look like a third world country. The subway systems are safe and extremely advanced. The city is truly alive and never sleeps,” Sellmeyer said. “There are hidden beaches scattered along the rocky cliffs that climb out of the ocean.”

Sydney, Australia is another city he recommends when selecting a place for vacation.

“Australia’s people and lifestyle are what I love. They are laid back yet very professional and dedicated to business. Australians know how to leave work at the office and enjoy their time off,” he said. “The east coast of Australia feels very much like Southern California, San Diego, great food, great drink, plus kangaroos, big sharks and some entertaining accents.”

For the outdoor adventurers, New Zealand is without a doubt the place to go. “New Zealand is an amazing country. You can do anything from deep cave diving to underground waterfalls to water skiing and snow skiing in the same day.”

Many of the places he’s had his passport stamped are from when he was younger. Now, much of his travel is for his company, Kanga Marketing, titled after a nickname given to him by a family friend they met during a trip.

familytrips“I really enjoy working with Chase. He has a lot of energy and gets excited about work and travel,” said Jon Moe, a professional photographer from New York who worked with Sellmeyer on several projects last year. “And, he’s a good man for a road trip.”
Sellmeyer said, ultimately, over everything, the best thing about traveling is the people you meet along the way. “We are very tied into our devices and comfort zones. Look up and say hello to the person next to you,” he said. “The best thing about traveling is meeting people. The locals get so excited to talk to you and they know the best places to eat and go in the neighborhood.”

He also challenges people to try new experiences and new places. “You don’t need a lot of money to have a good time,” he said. “There is always an inexpensive way and places to stay.” Sellmeyer credits and thanks his parents for his love of travel, and making possible the opportunity to see so many places and ensuring his safety. “Be safe about it. Pay attention and enjoy yourself, but be aware of your surroundings,” he said.

2009 Beijing-187Sellmeyer graduated from Florida Southern College and now calls Lakeland home. If history repeats itself, there’s probably another trip in the booking.