Feed the Need

Feed the Need

Grace Lutheran School


It’s a fact that fundraisers for schools, churches, and nonprofits run aplenty throughout the year; many lead us into the holiday season. Community-minded Polk County residents dedicated to their cause make these ideas and events happen after countless hours of coordination, work and inspiration. Recently, Grace Lutheran School in Winter Haven gathered resources and volunteers to help Feed the Need and made a striking difference to hungry children.

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Feed the Need strives to be an effective vessel of action working with individuals and organizations to understand and meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the community. The initiative is an entity of Champion Events. Feed the Need is a mission-focused event concept where students conduct a oneday indoor Packing Party Event where they pack 10,000 meals that we then deliver to hungry orphans and children in Haiti, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Kenya. Overseas meals are delivered through churches in those countries that have great need for feeding their families and communities. Some meals are distributed in local communities to serve local needs.

Enter Grace Lutheran School. Alison Freeland, the president of P.A.C.E. (Parents Active in Christian Education) at the school, is thrilled to be a part of a Feed the Need initiative in Polk County.

“On November 21st, the kids from GLS participated in this very special event,” said Freeland. “This is not just another fundraiser. It’s part of something much bigger. We are excited about this event; not only because it is a tool to provide much needed funding for a quality experience, but also because it is an opportunity for our students to serve together as we pack, seal and ship over 10,000 meals to hungry children locally and in third-world countries.”

As of November 9, funds raised topped their goal of $80,000. Once the campaign is completed, a portion of the funds will cover the cost of food and shipping, with the remaining funds to be used to make improvements at GLS. Their wish list includes a soccer field, preschool playground equipment, and off-campus educational enrichment trips. They expected that over 200 volunteers including students, parents, staff and community members would participate in packing day.Grace Lutheran hosted the packing party on site, where literally tons of ingredients including rice, dehydrated vegetables, vitamins and minerals will be set up assembly line style for individual packing and sealing. The majority of the fortified packets of food will be set in containers and prepared for shipment to places like Haiti, Jamaica or Sri Lanka. Some of the containers will be sent to a local mission for service to the community. Each individual package of food can feed 6 hungry children.

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“I am amazed at how passionately the school has embraced this fundraiser,” said Freeland. “I’ve seen how this can touch people’s lives. This fundraiser will further unify the school, church and community as we continue to work towards our common goal of reducing hunger and raising money for the school to the benefit of the children.”




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