Balancing Act

Balancing Act



Alice Hunt evidently didn’t get the memo that a woman can’t be successful professionally and personally. And, furthermore, she makes it look easy. Formally, she is the Vice President of Hunt Construction of Central Florida but she makes the most of her outgoing personality and likeability as the company’s Community Outreach and Customer Care Director.

When the work day finally ends, she meets her husband, Chuck, President of Hunt Construction and her co-worker with whom she has spent many hours of the day, at their Lakeland home. The high school sweethearts have been happily married for 33 years and have three adult children and one granddaughter.

Alice Hunt 6 After dinner, she’ll work in her garden where she grows most of their vegetables, and tends to the chickens and fruit trees.

“One of the qualities I’ve always admired about Alice is that she’s able to juggle a busy career in construction with her husband, while still making time for her family and volunteering in the community,” said Kathleen Munson, President of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce.

True to form, Hunt downplays the difficulty of what she does and also encourages young women interested in a career in construction.

Alice Hunt 4“In construction, the door is completely open for women to come in and be successful with a good work ethic and a little smarts,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s sometimes a difficult business for us because it’s dominated by men. But women are good at it, too. We pay attention to detail and, of course, that’s important in this field.”

It doesn’t hurt that she meets challenges head on, something she said she learned early on juggling career and family.

Alice related that the balancing act started about 30 years ago when Chuck, a third generation contractor, and she became business partners out of necessity.

“Our motivation, goals and vision are aligned. It makes for an excellent product,” Alice said. “Plus, he’s the worker and I’m the people person. I like being out and about.”

Alice Hunt 1And, that she is. In addition to giving 110 percent to career and family, she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to volunteering and supporting the community.

“Alice has always worked so hard for the Polk County Builder’s Association (PCBA) and, more specifically, the PCBA Foundation. She has been a building community activist working with the Blue Print/Model Home competition, Future Builders, and numerous events that all support our community and our youth,“ said Brian Waller, President of Waller Construction. “She has been a great example for the building industry and a real asset for Lakeland and Polk County.”

She’s also currently active with the Early Learning Coalition, Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Lakeland, and The Polk Workforce Development Board.

Professionally, she is also the President of Hunt Properties.

“I enjoy every minute of volunteering,” she said. “The community has been very good to me and it’s my responsibility to give back my time and resources.”

Alice Hunt 5The Army brat and her family landed in Lakeland when her father retired from the military. She graduated from Santa Fe Catholic High School and earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida.

Hunt may make keeping all the balls in the air look easy; however, there are hard days. But she clearly loves her life.
“I am grateful every day for everything I have. I do not take my days for granted and therefore make the best I can of each day,” she said. “Never stop learning and improving.”.