any way you stack it

any way you stack it


Let’s face it; pancakes are versatile AND delicious. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be served traditionally, with maple syrup, or topped with anything from ice cream to fresh fruit to crispy bacon bits. What makes for the perfect pancake? It all depends on you.

While there are several ready-made batter mixes, both wet and dry, on the market; it’s hard to beat homemade. A good pancake is a thing of beauty – crispy at the edges, spongy-soft in the center, and light and fluffy. Here are some tips on making delicious, mouth-watering pancakes.

Making the Batter

Milk and eggs should be incorporated into your favorite recipe at room temperature. They will blend into your mix more easily.

178557017When adding flour, sift it well with your other dry ingredients. You will get a more consistent texture and more even rising, making your pancakes fluffier.

Don’t overmix. A few lumps are better than trying to get the batter perfectly smooth.

Let your mix sit for about 30 minutes before you actually start cooking. Don¡¦t be tempted to stir it; you will lose all the air bubbles that will help to make your finished pancakes light and fluffy.

When adding your eggs, separate your egg whites and fold them in separately; it should improve your fluff factor.

Other Tips:

Watch your cooking temperature. Don’t let the skillet get too hot or your pancakes may flatten.

Cooking on low to medium is ideal; it allows the outside to brown lightly while the inside of the pancake sets up to the right consistency.

If you’re adding something to a basic recipe, toss it in slowly to evenly distribute.

Fruits can be coated in some of the recipe¡¦s flour (don’t add extra) and then folded into the batter.

To reheat a pancake, microwave between two paper towels for a few seconds until just warm.