A Mecca for High Adventure

A Mecca for High Adventure

The Seymour Family Vacation Finds Utah


Mike and Donna Seymour had traveled to Park City, Utah many winters ago for skiing. They have always had a desire to return to that area in the summer. Their girls, Casie – age 8, and Rachel – age 6, seemed to be at good ages to take in the historical sights and enjoy experiencing the change in landscape; so Mike and Donna decided this past July would be a good time to make this trip.

They left by plane on July13th, 2012 for a 10 day vacation. They arrived in Salt Lake City which was 85 degrees at a 4200ft. elevation, and considered to be in the valley. They drove a rental car to Park City at 7000ft. elevation where the temperatures stayed in the 70s the whole time they were there. “To see the snow on top of the mountains when you fly over that area in July is spectacular,” shared Donna. They settled in at a wonderful Marriot complex for part of their visit. They also spent time staying with relatives who live in the area. The Seymours were ready to stretch and move after all the sitting while traveling. They found a bike shop and were soon out on rental bikes to explore the area.

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They are bike riders here in Florida, but soon found that the higher elevation and hills offered a much more challenging bike ride than they had experienced in Polk County. Going down a gentle 5 mile slope was exhilarating. However peddling back up those same five miles was real work. The Quaking Aspens and mountains provided a very different background to their ride than they would see at home. “There’s beauty everywhere you visit in the United States,” says Donna,“Each state has its own claim to beauty.”

The family experienced a hike around Bear Lake and a visit to Minnetonka Cave. This was the first time their daughters had been in a cave. There are 440 steps into the cave and 440 steps going out. Inside, it is 40 degrees all year. “Our girls walked the whole way,” said Mike. “It was a one and a half hour long tour.” Relatives also joined in this adventure with them.

One day was spent visiting Salt Lake City. Historical Temple Square covers 35 acres with access to historic buildings dating back to 1855. The renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra perform here. Lunch was at the Lion House where Brigham Young had lived. They were all enamored by the displays at the History Museum. The LDS Conference Center had a waterfall running down the side of the building with gardens on top that were designed to reenact what pioneers found when they came upon Salt Lake after crossing the mountains.

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Casie and Rachel had followed the Summer Olympic Games in London on TV, so a trip to Olympic Park, the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, was a must. The girls got to see the actual bobsled and luge tracks and were allowed to sit in a bobsled that had been used in the 2002 Olympics. They also watched a spectacular display of freestyle skiers practicing. Skiers came speeding downhill one after another before being launched 50 feet above a swimming pool. While airborne, skiers practiced flips, twists, and acrobatic turns, before landing safely in the water.

After 10 days of fun, activity, historical learning, and visits with relatives; the Seymour family returned home to Polk County with memories and stories to tell about their adventures.

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