A Celebration of Women

A Celebration of Women

Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way of Central Florida



Which women have made a difference in your life? Your mom… your wife… your daughter… your best friend? Maybe your grandmother and greatgrandmother? Perhaps it was a teacher, a doctor, an assistant, co-workers, or a non-profit leader you admire?

Whoever she is, you’ve probably said, “Thank you,” many times. But, there is a different way – in lieu of flowers, cards, candy and perfume – to express your gratitude, thanks, respect and love.

The Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way of Central Florida is presenting a new opportunity to honor a woman in your life in their 2014 tribute book, A Celebration of Women. The book provides an opportunity for individuals or groups to purchase tribute pages of various sizes in the pictorial tribute book. You select the photo and text for your tribute. A favorite photograph may be used, or you may schedule a portrait session with one of two professional photographers, Mike Potthast and Joni Finkbeiner Tyler. The session is included in the fee with your full or half page tribute! A limited amount of space in the tribute book will be available for corporate tributes. All tribute pages include tickets to a special event at Streamsong, May 2, 2014, to introduce A Celebration of Women to the honorees and community and announce the scholarship recipients.


Established in 2011, the Women’s Leadership Council, (WLC), was started by a committee of community leaders who wanted to establish long term solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing women and children in our community. Currently, the WLC has over 1,000 women included in their membership. Council members include women who are leadership givers to United Way.

“Our Council strongly believes that early literacy is the key to improving the number of students reading at grade level by the end of third grade; which will, in turn, improve high school graduation rates in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties. We are committed to supporting early literacy,” stated Karyn Sikora Rubel, Director of the Women’s Leadership Council.

A Celebration of Women is our first fundraising event, created to support our initiatives. We are excited about the prospect of not only honoring women who have positively impacted others, but about allocating the funds raised to continue our efforts to promote early literacy,” Rubel said.

The Women’s Leadership Council identifies its mission as helping women and children in the community by supporting their initiatives. The WLC hopes to support their early literacy initiative, ReadingPals, by providing 10 summer take-home books for each of the over 300 students in the program and by offering college scholarships to educate students in the field of early childhood education. Judy MacDougall, Tribute Book chair, added, “By providing college scholarships to those interested in childhood education, we will complete the cycle literacy can offer to our children.”


DSC_6041Those purchasing a tribute are honoring a special woman in their lives and commemorating the many contributions made by women through their personal sacrifices, strength, perseverance, wisdom, support, love and grace. The pictorial tribute book will include memories that will last a lifetime. You will be supporting the WLC’s effort to help others in your community to have a chance to succeed by being prepared for school and having opportunities to seek a college degree.

Please visit uwcf.org/celebration, or call 863-648-1500 x 251 for more information.


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